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The number of Kenyans venturing into real estate business is increasing exponentially due to high profit margin gained from successful sale of land, property and building, we wish to request $1000 loan as group to start small scale land banking along major highways to increase our holding for potential clients, we have a good coordinated active group of 15 individuals that has capacity to repay $1000 within 30days plus interest of 10%, thank you as you consider our request.
0.00 of 1100.00 SigUSD repaid
Funding Goal
1000.00 SigUSD
Interest Rate
10 %
Repayment Period
Funding Deadline
Funded Height
Repayment Deadline
Total Repayment Amount
$ 1100.00
Total Interest Amount
$ 100.00
Total Repayment Outstanding
$ 1100.00
Total Repayment Paid
$ 0.00

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