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Christopher Echoto

Borrower: 9eq6S6UjefMoemgahx9tv9occ7GWfkzB8sjp7SMTu79XwiQXssg

Loan request for expanding my retail business to a tune of $1,000 Sales forecast Year1 Year2 Year3 Total Sales $9,600 $14,000 $22,000 Total Cost of Sales $8,400 $12,000 $15,000 Loan Repayment Schedule Total Loan Amount $1000 Loan period 1 year Number of Repayment 12 Amount payable/Month $84
589.00 of 1000.00 SigUSD repaid
Funding Goal
1000.00 SigUSD
Interest Rate
0 %
Repayment Period
Funding Deadline
Funded Height
Repayment Deadline
Total Repayment Amount
$ 1000.00
Total Interest Amount
$ 0.00
Total Repayment Outstanding
$ 411.00
Total Repayment Paid
$ 589.00

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